I was looking for the best mod chip for my Nintendo Wii last week and came across this software which works in the UK and can unlock the console safely without any hardware modifications.

Click Here To Unlock Your Wii

This sounded great as although there are plenty of modchip installers around nowadays my Wii is still less than a year old and I don’t want to void the warranty in any way. I have also heard modifying your Wii by chipping can ruin your Wii at the next update.

So I went ahead and downloaded the software (it’s currently discounted by 40%) and, after following the simple installation guide, must say it has worked a treat. I have been able to play import, copied, homebrew and downloaded Wii games very easily without any compatibility issues. My girlfriend and I even watched a DVD on our unlocked Wii last night which was something I never thought we would be able to do without risking installing wasibi, D2C modchips or the “Wii Clip” I’ve read about.

Click Here To Set Your Wii Free!

I’ve heard you can even play N64, SNES, and Sega Genesis games with the emulator feature, but I haven’t tried this option yet but for playing download Wii games it works fine.

If you were considering one of the various Wii modding chips available but don’t want to risk any soldering then get this solderless software now and keep your warranty and hardware intact!